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Teaching Earth Science how students naturally learn.

Join in the adventures of the EveryDay Earth Corps of scientists as they explore STEM concepts via the air, water, rocks, and landscapes around Oklahoma!

How it Works

Choose Your Path

Choose Your Path

Each course lets students choose what they should explore next, with interactive lessons that introduce Earth Science concepts such as "How does water change Earth's landscapes?" or "How are rocks formed?"

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Choose Your Path Choose Your Path
Explore Oklahoma

Explore the heartland of America!

We’ll take you to some of the most interesting natural areas and parks in America!  Our lessons feature many amazing places across Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Louisiana!

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Trusted Cirriculum

Trusted Curriculum

EveryDay Earth courses are developed by experienced geologists and educators. The program is based on a 5E Learning model and ties to science educational standards.  You can trust this program as a teaching supplement for your classroom plans!

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Trusted Cirriculum

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Join for FREE ACCESS to the Courses Today

See what makes EveryDay Earth so great. Sign up and take the full first course with access to all course materials.

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Our goal is to finish 10 missions to complete the "EveryDay Earth" program by 2023 - and make it available for every 4-6th grade science classroom and homeschool!

The first 4 Missions are completed and online, thanks to our sponsors below. We are currently fundraising to complete Missions 5 to 10! 

As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, Esteem Education Co. is 100% reliant on financial giving from partners like you to help us progress towards this goal!


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Oklahoma Geological Foundation

Jerome Westheimer Family Foundation


Chesapeake Energy

Echo Energy

OU School of Geosciences

 Lance and Cindy Ruffel Foundation

  • Lance Ruffel
  • Cindy Ruffel
  • Michael and Bethany Bone
  • Thomas Cronin
  • Frank & Cindy Gagliardi
  • Jason Hamilton
  • Terry & Betty Hollrah
  • Mark & Carol Lester
  • Larry Lunardi
  • Devin P. Dennie, Ph.D.

EveryDay Earth is created by the Esteem Education Co. (Esteem Co.), in partnership with
the Oklahoma Geological Foundation. Both entities are non-profit 501(c)3 charitable
organizations focused on advancing and promoting K-12 Earth science outreach and education.

Original concepts, characters, storylines and structures for "EveryDay Earth" are provided by the
program's creators and co-founders, Dr. Devin P. Dennie and Mr. Todd Kent. 

"EveryDay Earth" and the "EveryDay Earth program" and all related concepts, characters, storylines, and materials are US trademarked and copyright, Esteem Education Co. (Esteem Co.), 2019 & 2020.


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