Online, Interactive Earth Science Lessons

About EveryDay Earth

EveryDay Earth is an online, interactive STEM program aimed at the 4-6th grade levels that teaches Earth Science Education and Technology concepts by interactively exploring Oklahoma’s landscapes.

The initial version of the EveryDay Earth Program will be focused on specific locations based in the greater Oklahoma and Southern Plains region.

Additional versions will be created and aimed at other geological and geographical locations.

Our Curriculum

The EveryDay Earth Program consists of an integrated set of short, entertaining and educational videos containing interactive functionality to actively engage the student. These videos and online materials help Oklahoma teachers tie abstract learning to concrete concepts that support national and state earth science educational standards. Learn more about our curriculum.

The EveryDay Earth Program includes:

  • Suggested curricula and learning plans
  • Access to website and learning management system
  • Numerous videos which will link to physical rock, mineral and fossil kits, experiments which can be done at home, and opportunities for field experiences at local parks

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The EveryDay Earth Production Team

EveryDay Earth is paid for and distributed by the Oklahoma Geological Foundation, and its partnering supporting organizations.

Program materials are designed and created by The Esteem Company, a non-profit 501(c)3 educational media production organization.

Original concepts, characters, storylines and structures reflect IP licenses by its originator, D3 Interactive LLC.

Learn more about executive producers, Oklahoma Geological Foundation and The Esteem Company, along with our many charitable sponsors helping support STEM education through their gifts.  For a list of current donors, please visit our homepage!