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"EveryDay Earth" provides a unique, and innovative teaching supplement for Earth and Space Science teachers grades 5-8. 

The program is based on the 5E learning system, and it includes location-driven, inquiry-based investigations. 


Learning about Earth science is in large part seeing and experiencing new things and witnessing the same scientific processes at work in different environments and situations!

Our digital adventures are fantastic field trips that allow the learner to observe, ask questions, gather data, and make claims about how these wonderful places came to be. The interactive nature of the videos lets them participate in the adventures!

 This initial version of "EveryDay Earth" specifically focuses on kids in grades 5-8, with locations featured in the MidContinent of the US. In fact though,  but we have users from all around the globe! our users hail from Australia, Africa, Europe - and all across the USA.

Future versions of "EveryDay Earth" featuring locations in your area are planned!

The program includes 10 "Missions", each made up of between 5-7 "Lessons" or Investigations.

Each lesson contains an interactive scientific investigation with discussion, and a summary and expansion on the principle process(es) or topics related to that lesson's core idea.

Every lesson is similar - but different, and follows a fun adventure story. Each lesson has companion online and printable quizzes, exams and lesson plans, as well as in -class or at-home experiment instructions, and outside resource links that help make the supplement to your curriculum complete!