Trusted Curriculum

EveryDay Earth is a unique an innovative teaching curriculum. The program is based on location-driven, inquiry based learning. 


Part of the power of learning is seeing and experiencing new things, or witnessing the same scientific processes at work in different environments! Our digital adventures are basically field trips that allow the learner to observe, ask questions, gather data, and make claims about how these wonderful places came to be.

All of the programs are built to support teachers and schools following Next Generation Science Standards and specifically, the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science. The program specifically targets grades 4-8, with some parts of lessons appropriate for earlier grades. All videos can be considered as supplemental videos for High School programs. 

Earth and Space Science materials are provided over 10 "Missions", each made up of between 6-8 "Lessons". Each lesson contains three sections; an introduction and teacher discussion, a  scientific investigation with discussion, and a summary and expansion on the principle process(es) or topics related to that lesson's core idea. Every lesson is similiar but different, but all have companion lesson plans, experiment instructions, and outside resource links that help make the cirriculum complete!

To learn more about how EveryDay Earth employs structured inquiry-based learning, please visit our Teachers Section FAQ page!