Agents of the EveryDay Earth Corps


Agent BellamyAgent Bellamy

Codename: Fisherman

Agent Bellamy is the EveryDay Earth Corps' expert in natural resources such as water, oil and natural gas, and coal. He investigates the complex relationships between humans and these important Earth resources. He frequently participates in joint Corps/FBI operations as an undercover operative in Bass Fishing Tournaments where his work has helped expose the seedy underbelly of so-called "bass fighting" rings. 

In his "real life" cover job, Justin Bellamy is a professional geologist with Ibex Ventures LLC in Edmond, Oklahoma. 

Mr Sean BinghamAgent Bingham

Codename: DeadStone

Mr Sean Bingham is a code-breaking Earth scientist  that helps EveryDay Earth Corps understand the planet's complex history. He is can interpret ancient events from rock features and help us understand how things came to be.

This talented Dr Jekyl has his Mr Hyde though... as Sean is overly apt to be drawn into dark scary places and is a rabid zombie movie fanatic. Hence his codename: DeadStone.

Sean's real life "cover job" is that of Geologist at Devon Energy Corporation, in Oklahoma City, OK. Sean is also a published author and producer of commercial feature horror films!

Agent BoneAgent Bone

Codename: The Maestro

Agent Michael "Maestro" Bone is the EveryDay Earth Corps' current Mission Director. Mr. B constantly monitor's ongoing missions and provides helpful information to both rookies and agents on the whereabouts of Dr. Desmond Discord and other valuable information.


When "Maestro" Michael Bone is not working undercover for the Corps, he is a professional Earth scientist and geologist at B1 Exploration LLC, in Edmond Ok.

Agent DennieAgent Dennie

Codename: Cap'n D

Geology student Devin Dennie once stumbled across an unpublished manuscript chronicling the adventures of his long lost relative, Denholm Dennie, while working on his PhD dissertation. It was Denholm who first discovered the previously unknown mineral Estemite in the jungles of South America and helped to incorporate it into the secret recipe for Strata Soda.

Devin has spent the last two decades looking for Estemite samples that Denholm purposefully hid, in places all across North America. Devin founded the EveryDay Earth Corps to help track and understand the unusual mineral - as well as investigate the many other mysteries he stumbled upon in the natural world.

When not on a mission, Devin is a real life Geologist with Devon Energy in Oklahoma City. He is the author of several children's books on Earth Science and is a frequent on-screen expert on the Discovery Science Channel. He also is chef star of the series "Geology Kitchen", and producer of many films such as "Oklahoma Rocks!" and others.

Agent DulinAgent Dulin

Codename: Hailfire

As a child in northeast Oklahoma, Agent Shannon Dulin witnessed her beloved pet rock "Mr. PoofyDoodles" get whisked away in a breezy tornado at her family's farm. Since then she has been fascinated by rocks and weather - and has devoted her life to understanding weather and climate and how it interacts with the Geosphere.

As part of the EveryDay Earth Corps, she recently completed work on an amazing new technology to track water through its many complex interactions with Planet Earth! She is even knowledgeable of the  geology of other planets!

When not chasing tornadoes or petting rocks, Dr. Shannon Dulin is a busy Professor at the University of Oklahoma School of Geosciences in Norman, Oklahoma. Her research focuses on paleomagnetism, sedimentary geology and geologic field methods.

Agent GravesAgent Evans

Codename: Sparkplug

Stacey "Sparkplug" Evans was recruited by the Corps at a very young age when she masterfully rewired her family's VCR to be a short-range matter transportation device. Even though the transporter combined a few of her pets into a doberman/goldfish hybrid and was considered a tragic failure, it was a great first step to eventually developing the groundbreaking tech of the Terravator.

Her special combination of geology and rocket scientist skills have helped EveryDay Earth Corps agents be able to access places they would otherwise be incapable of.  Her harness the mythical powers of the mineral Estemite.

(Interestingly - "Goldy the Dobie-Fish"  - now stands guard over the GeoGarage at EDE Headquarters.)

When she is not designing quantum devices or matter/plasma injectors for fun, Stacey hides in plain sight as a field mapping geologist at the Oklahoma Geological Survey, in Norman OK.

Agent GravesAgent Graves

Codename: Highwayman

After several semi-disastrous attempts to study ancient man by means of various time travel methods, archaeologist Agent Graves finally settled on studying human history by means of physically examining the remains of ancient civilizations.... instead of traveling back in time to interact interact with them. While he currently shuns access to time travel technology, the general consensus is that our current timeline is actually the result of one of his time traveling mishaps, and is the reason why the Earth is no longer inhabited by intelligent Turtle-People.

(Interesting Fact: While the Turtle-People didn't wear clothes, every last one of them wore some kind of hat.)

When not waxing poetic on ancient peoples. Adam Graves is a real life archaeologist and anthropologist, and President of GraviTATE LLC, the famous company responsible for helping restore the Apollo Mission Control Room at NASA to its original splendor for its 50th Anniversary.

Agent HumboltAgent Humbolt

Codename: Dusty

Agent Aubrey Humbolt is an expert in many types of rocks, but her passion is in dinosaurs and their fossils. She worked her way through college toward her geology degree reportedly working as a balloon animal sculptor with a focus on accurate dinosaur shapes... eventually becoming the third most famous dinosaur shaped animal balloon sculptor in the world!

She gave up that lucrative career to pursue her paleontological investigations with the EveryDay Earth Corps - though she still occasionally moonlights as artistic consultant, pointing out physiological inaccuracies in balloon animal art vs the ancient rock record.

When not being chased by the paleontology paparrazi (don't ask) or floating away holding too many dino-shaped balloons, you can find Aubrey Humbolt at Devon Energy Corporation in Oklahoma City, OK, where she resides as a Geologist and Manager.

Agent YunkerAgent Yunker

Codename: Mineshaft

Agent Molly "Mineshaft" Yunker helps the EveryDay Earth Corps investigate the hidden treasures found  deep within the Earth. She is a rock, metal and mineral expert for the team. Little known outside of government circles, Agent Yunker led the team that first made contact with a subterranean tribe of [REDACTED]. Her vast knowledge of the speleomorphology led to the formation of a peace treaty, exchange of antiquated technologies and eventual "Ultra Top Secret" classification of the mysterious, underground society of [REDACTED].

A parade was thrown in her honor at an undisclosed location. It is rumored the Queen of England attended personally, while disguised as a cavern tour guide.

 Molly covers up her true identity by secretly working in real life at the Oklahoma Geological Survey in Norman OK, as a science education specialist. Molly helps teachers and students all across Oklahoma learn more about STEM and Earth Science!