Course Missions

Explore Oklahoma... and learn Earth Science while you do it, right from your computer!

EveryDay Earth combines enriching outdoor explorations with the fun of learning through technology. This program consists of various "missions", each an integrated set of short, entertaining and educational video Lessons. Each lesson teaches a scientific inquiry related to one or more physical Earth process. 

These videos and online materials will help tie even the most abstract topics to concrete concepts that support national and state earth science educational standards. We suggest using Google Chrome for best results with the interactive videos.

The EveryDay Earth Program is ever-growing and will consist of 10 stand-alone Missions revolving around places in greater Oklahoma.


Our first course, "Wayward Water" is available below. Get FREE access by signing up today!

Agent HumboltMeet the EveryDay Earth Corps Agents

Our team of Earth Science experts will lead you through each mission. Every agent has a specialty. Learn more about your team below.

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Agent HumboltRead the Legend of Estemite

Explorer the legend of the mysterious mineral

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