Lake Murray

 Lake Murray is 5,700 acre lake in the Carter County, Oklahoma area and is a part of Lake Murray State Park.  It's a manmade lake that was constructed during the Great Depression and completed in 1941.  It's now a popular destination for recreation like fishing, boating and swimming.

The picture above is the view from Tuck Tower.  Built out of local limestone, it's the most closely associated structure on the lake and is home to a Nature Center with several exhibits on the area's rocks, plants, animals and history.

Inside the Nature Center at Tucker Tower you can see:

  • A mastodon skull (and bones) found in Oklahoma
  • History exhibits on the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
  • Live aquatic animals from the area
  • The Lake Murray Meteorite
  • Several other exhibits about Oklahoma's natural history