Rose Rock

Rose Rocks are a uniquely shaped crystal that resemble its namesake flower.  While they can be found in small amounts in a few other locations, they are primarily known as an Oklahoma phenomena and in 1968 it became the official state rock.  Each "petal" is a crystal of barite which grows around sand grains of the Garber Sandstone and the iron oxide of the state's red dirt give them their color.

Rose Rock Facts

  • Formed inside Permian aged (250 million years ago) rocks
  • Noble, OK is known as the "Rose Rock Capital of the World" and is home to the annual Rose Rock Festival and the Timberlake Rose Rock Museum
  • They have been reportedly found in Egypt as well
  • Thought to form from groundwater flowing through pre-existing sandstone
  • Can form in single roses or large clusters
  • The angle at which they grow together gives them the rose shape