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Welcome Recruit!

We are glad you've arrived here safely at EveryDay Earth Corps Headquarters.  Let's get you settled in before you start your first Mission. 

As you can see - you've already been given access to the EveryDay Earth GeoTron mainframe, which you are accessing now on a PC, Mac, tablet or phone. Just be sure you are accessing the GeoTron using Google Chrome so our videos produce the right interactive experience, and provide the right data to you to aid you in your mission.

Before you start using the program let's give you a feel for how this all works. The next few introductory lessons will introduce you to some of the basic parts and features on these screens which are similar to all "Lesson pages". And to how the EveryDay Earth program is designed.

First, to your left you see a panel that says "Mission Lessons" at the top. This is your "Table of Contents", which will allow you to select which Lesson and what part you wish to access.

And finally, at the bottom of each text pane is a "Next Lesson"  button that will take you to the next part of your adventure! You can choose to click either Lesson 1 - Using the Mission and Lesson Screen, or click Next Button to proceed.



The following folder contains reference materials for the EveryDay Earth Corps.  Check back periodically as we update this folder with information for new recruits about the program!

EveryDay Earth Corps - Agent Directory

The Legend of Estemite


Coming Soon: Map of Secret EveryDay Earth Corps Headquarters...


When you are finished learning about the EveryDay Earth Corps by exploring this site and the Introduction Course, you can proceed direct to Mission 1: Wayward Water! or other missions by choosing them on the Courses page.


Also, during Missions, this space will provide additional observations, questions and content that will help you conduct investigations and navigate through the program. Be sure and watch the videos first, then read the content below! 

Good Luck! Click "Next Mission" now to proceed to the first Mission.