Introduction to EveryDay Earth – Welcome Recruit!

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Welcome aboard, Recruit!

Now that you've arrived here at EveryDay Earth Headquarters, please watch the orientation video above. 

When you are finished learning about the EveryDay Earth Corps, you can proceed direct to your first pre-mission briefing for Mission 1: Wayward Water!

Please click on the green "Next Mission" button to proceed to the next Mission. A similar "Next Lesson" button will carry you through your missions as you go on your adventures! 

Also, during Missions, this space will provide additional observations, questions and content that will help you conduct investigations and navigate through the program. Be sure and watch the videos first, then read the content below! 

Good Luck! Click "Next Mission" now to proceed to the first Mission.

The following folder contains reference materials for the EveryDay Earth Corps.  Check back periodically as we update this folder with information for new recruits about the program!

EveryDay Earth Corps - Agent Directory

The Legend of Estemite


Coming Soon: Map of Secret EveryDay Earth Corps Headquarters...