Introduction – Welcome Teachers and Parents!

  • Overview

This section will take you through a general lesson plan structure that can be used for each lesson. Teachers are encouraged to use the material in any way they like, however this was the workflow envisioned when creating the program.

First, before deciding the best way to use the material on this site, consider who/how many are learning, and what is unique about  EveryDay Earth content and delivery. 

  • If performed in a class or group setting, the program allows for teachers to summarize text sections for their own presentation to the classroom. Teacher-led active discussion guides the group to attempt to solve a problem together, and the teacher acts as the group leader. In this case, teachers discuss with students which choices they need to make and drive the program to its conclusion.

  • If EDE is used as an individual or self-led experience, such as in a home school learner program or as a supplement in public/private schools, it is more open-ended like a traditional video game. This allows the student to explore in an inquiry-based way. The student can individually choose what to click on, and learn about context through the text provided, to put the pieces together. The program is still designed to be linear enough to provide required content for a child to work their way through. 

Note that in the near future, optimization of videos and companion resources will enhance the self-directed learning approach, providing a deeper and more complete way of using the program.


  • Remember when doing the investigations with a class, that some investigations are intentionally kept vague or open for interpretation - as this echoes real science and scientific investigations. It is important to the creators of EveryDay Earth that this be a reflection on real scientific thinking - we are trying to teach how to think when exposed with imperfect information. 

The answers are rarely ever cut and dry, and many interpretations are possible within a group!

Let's proceed on and learn more about EDE in the group/classroom environment. The next page discusses duration and agenda.