Mission 1 - Wayward Water! – Explore the Hydrosphere

Lesson 7c:  Turner Falls conclusions
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Now that we have investigated Turner Falls and rocks around it, we can see many things happening here. Gravity is pulling the water downhill and over the lip of the falls with great force! That water came from underground just a few miles upstream of the falls, where it was sourced from underground aquifers.

That water became saturated with dissolved rock underground. Now that the water is above ground, when the water goes over the falls, it loses the ability to hold that dissolved rock - so it precipitates or forms new minerals, creating new rock on anything it touches!!!   The tufa (rough and holey) and travertine (smooth and banded) limestones here were formed from this process!

Another amazing example of the hydrosphere (water), atmosphere (air) and rocks of the geosphere all interacting together! What a dynamic planet Earth is!

Before we leave Turner Falls for now, let's document our findings in the Knowledge Scanner, so our scientists back at EDE HQ can update our GeoTRON computer system.

When you are done, let's click "Next Lesson", and head down river to see if we can't catch up with that nanodroplet!



Knowledge Scanner - Mission 1 Lesson 7 - Over Turner Falls!



VIDEO: Limestone