Mission 1 - Wayward Water! – Explore the Hydrosphere

Lesson 1b:  Mission 1 Briefing
  • Overview

Let's get you geared up to head out with Agents Dennie and Dulin as we kickoff project Wayward Water!

Our scientists and engineers have developed a new type of nanodroplet technology (developed by our outstanding Earth Technologies Department!) that will allow us to actually map how water and Earth interact within the Earth's Hydrosphere.

Agent Dennie or Agent Dulin, our resident Water expert, will be leading this expedition. Rookie, your job will be to assist and learn - and maybe if you are lucky, help save the day.

Let's pull up the schematics on the nanodrop and talk about.....


You better move fast to the next lesson and watch the video briefing! It seems there is an emergency!!!!


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