Mission 1 - Wayward Water! – Explore the Hydrosphere

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Oh no! Before Agent Dulin could release the nanodroplet, Dr. Discord accidentally spilled it down the drain!  The drain joined storm waters which means now it is flowing out somewhere in the countryside.

We have to work fast to find it and track it as it is one of a kind!

Training our sensors, we have arrived at this small pond in the Terravator where we picked up a faint signal. Our sensors indicate the water droplet was here, but we are no longer detecting it. We will have to observe the scene and seek questions and clues to lead us to our next stop.

Watch the video above now and observe the things we see in the scene.

Do we see anything related to the water which would lead to questions on where the water might have gone?  This might be a good time to think of your prior experiences with ponds. 

What kinds of things can you do at a pond?

  • Do people build docks near the water to fish from?
  • Or launch boats?
  • Docks are usually built at the waters edge.
  • Where does the water come from to fill a pond? And where does the pond water go?

Let's keep these questions in mind as we explore the pond in this video and the videos to come. Feel free to re-watch the video if needed, then proceed below to the next screen.

Our first mission, remember, is to explore, observe, and ask questions!


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