Mission 1 - Wayward Water! – Explore the Hydrosphere

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We have engaged the Terravator into flight mode and tracked the water vapor as it moves into the skies over Oklahoma City. Let's go somewhere high up so we can gather data to better help us determine where our water vapor may be moving!

It will be easier to track the water when it re-forms into a droplet. Let's go to the high buildings of Oklahoma City and see if we can figure out where that water might reappear as a liquid, and how!

While we are traveling, let's discuss water in air. How do we know water is in the air if we can't see it? Have you ever walked around on a humid day? What does it feel like?  

What would we be looking for in the sky if we were looking for water to convert from a gas form, back to a liquid form?

Up ahead there is a good spot... let's bring the Terravator in for a landing. And keep an eye out for Estemite crystals, would ya? This Terravator doesn't exactly run on gasoline!


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