Mission 1 - Wayward Water! – Explore the Hydrosphere

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We've tracked our storm as it developed over Oklahoma City, and using radar technology, we can see it is precipitating as rainfall over the Arbuckle Mountains, an area of ancient hills in central Oklahoma! The Arbuckles are a special place in Oklahoma, and we will spend quite a bit of time exploring them before this program is done...but for now, let's see if we can get that droplet back safe to the lab!!

We've landed the Terravator in a limestone quarry where sensors indicate the nanodroplet is in a small puddle on the rocks. The puddle is surrounded by broken rocks called limestones.  Limestone is mined for use as building materials and other purposes. You have a limestone sample in your companion rock kit. In Mission 3 and 4 we will learn more about how rocks like these form! Until then, back to our water droplet search....

While we've found that the droplet is in a puddle in the quarry, it's starting to disappear. Why? Where could water go once it's trapped in this rock quarry? Let's investigate!


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