Mission 1 - Wayward Water! – Explore the Hydrosphere

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What did you observe in the video and experiment?

Rain Water

The rain water has become a weak acid from its time absorbing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. This is important because acidic water will react with the limestone rocks it falls on here!  As water falls from the sky on the rock, it begins to interact with the rocks chemically to break them down, or dissolve them!  We call that chemical weathering. 

We also learn the fresh rain water doesn't contain minerals!  Does water normally contain minerals? Can you think of a mineral which dissolves in water?

Fractured Rocks

We learn that the rocks in the quarry contain naturally formed cracks or holes into which the water can move. We learned a new term - infiltration, describing how water can moves into rocks! 

Runoff/Water in Puddles

When water piles up during a rainstorm faster than it can enter the ground through infiltration, it begins to puddle up, and eventually moves across the ground toward the lowest spot. We call this "surface runoff". Runoff often feeds into creeks, streams and eventually rivers in nature... but here in the quarry the water is purposely contained to keep the nearby natural water sources safe from the gray rock powder from the mining operation. Some of the minerals in the rock may start to dissolved into the slightly acidic water as the water puddles!


We learned about evaporation at the Pond. Evaporation is the process by which liquid water is converted to water vapor, removing water from the puddles here. But the high humidity of the air means the air is already quite full of water vapor, and it cannot hold any more! Evaporation is a minor consideration here for our water droplet because the atmosphere has little ability to take on more water.

Let's use this data and choose the best explanation for what is going on here!


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Rain Water

 Fractured Rocks