Mission 1 - Wayward Water! – Explore the Hydrosphere

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Let's investigate some more about groundwater. We are here in the rocks that make up the roots of the Arbuckle Mountains. The Arbuckles are made up of many types of rock - and not all of the rocks allow water to move through, nor allow water to be stored in pores!

Let's look at these rocks more closely and determine which of these rocks can hold water. We call those reservoirs of water in rock an aquifer.

Let's review:

  • Mudstones are not very porous and so water cannot flow throughout them
  • This helps stop the flow of water from nearby porous rocks and creates an Aquifer
  • This can also create pressure which can force the water to the surface when a well is dug

Now that we have learned how an aquifer works, and have gathered some information on them, let's discuss:

Why might aquifers be important to people?

How would we be able to get water out of deep aquifers? What might we need to engineer in order to be able to use this water?

Why is it important to protect our aquifer water from contamination?

At the end of the video, select the most likely explanation for what happens when water infiltrates the rocks below the quarry.


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