Mission 1 - Wayward Water! – Explore the Hydrosphere

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Click the "Play" Button on the video above to start your Everyday Earth adventure. 

Now that you have finished the video, let's recap the most important parts for you to remember.

Planet Earth contains four major Earth Systems which constantly interact with one another - the Hydrosphere, the Atmosphere, the Lithosphere and the Biosphere! We need to understand how these systems affect each other to help solve the world's geologic mysteries. We are still learning how these interactions occur, and discover new things every day about our planet. One of those recent discoveries is a secret mineral called Estemite... which has special properties we use to help investigate the Earth in our Terravator device!  EveryDay Earth Corps exists to use the Terravator and Estemite to learn about the Earth and uncover it's mysteries - and of course, to protect the secret of Estemite from the bad guys!

Our Science Agents are about to start a new investigation of the Hydrosphere - the part of Earth's system made up of water. We've developed an experiment to track how water flows through the system as a solid, liquid and gas with a device called a nanodroplet! As this droplet moves from place to place, it will help us understand a process called the hydrologic cycle, or perhaps you have heard of it as the "water cycle"! In fact, the word "hydro" is from the ancient Greeks, and means, well, "water." Hydrology is the study of water!

The hydrologic cycle is very important to Earth in a variety of ways. It governs Earth's ability to regulate its climate and weather and modify its landscapes. It is driven by the Sun's energy and regulated by gravity. It is the engine for Earth's weather, oceans and other watery places.

Let's learn some more about water.  It's a cool and splashy topic, and the data will help us out on our upcoming investigations!


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Click HERE the USGS Water Cycle for Kids - a great reference!