EveryDay Earth is now FREE for the 2021-2022 school year!!!

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Want to learn more about becoming a Teacher Partner or an EveryDay Earth Member? Please see below!

More on the Teacher Partners program

A limited number of Teacher Partners, including public, private or charter school teachers, can use the current version of EveryDay Earth for the 2021-2022 school year,  free of charge, and get our personalized help using it the classroom! All you need to do to is sign up and then before you deploy in your classroom, have a one-time Virtual (or, even in person!) discussion with me on use of the program. We can provide you with guidance on how you can use the program to support your classroom or homeschool students!

At the end of the program we will gather feedback from you on the experience. This feedback is highly valuable in our creative and fundraising processes!! Armed with this information on use and quality of the program, we can improve the product semerster after semester, and further its development.

If you love it please provide us with a testimonial!  We love to hear how you have used the program in your home or classroom during the school year. Those nuggets of insight are super valuable, and for this we will help you integrate the program into your classroom! 



More about EveryDay Earth Memberships

Are you a homeschool parent? Do you want full access to the program, and also want to support the creation of more EveryDay Earth content? 


Simply become an EveryDay Earth Corps Member today with any charitable donation of $10 or more. With your donation, you will get 2021-2022 full access to EveryDay Earth and all available teacher materials for the 2021-2022 school year! PLUS...  extra content we will roll out throughout the year.

Your kind donation is critical to help us continue our charitable mission - to educate young people worldwide about the Earth around us, everyday. 

To donate and become a EveryDay Earth Corps member, please Sign Up and then Donate here!



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