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Basic program interactive videos and content are currently provided for free on this site. You can use these as provided free of charge, thanks to the generous donations of our sponsors and members.

However, beginning December 2021, by becoming a subscribing member to EveryDay Earth Plus!, you can get even more out of your classroom or homeschool experience!

As a EveryDay Earth member, we can provide you with many more ideas, customizations and access to material to enhance your own school curricula or LMS!

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What Do I Get When I Become a Member?

  • Do you want to drop EveryDay Earth content into your own Canvas or other LMS software at school? We can provide you the embed codes and other files necessary to integrate EveryDay Earth right into your own school's LMS! 
  • Our downloadable Teacher Support Package includes these codes, as well as customized lesson plans, detailed course planning or alternative alignments of videos to best fit with your school's curriculum. 
  • Once a year, if you let us know what you need to make your classroom run more smoothly, let us know and we can customize a plan for you! 

Once you become a EveryDay Earth annual subscriber,  you will have full access to these important support files, links and documents as well as new content, for 12 months!




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