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We recommend as a first stop for all teachers of this program to go the "Courses", "Everyday Earth - Oklahoma Edition" menu and select the 1st section titled "Welcome Teachers and Parents" on the left (or click the link here!).  

Contained in "Welcome Teachers" section are basic descriptions of things like -  

  • how to navigate and use the program,
  • what missions and lessons are, and how they are structured,
  • how to use interactive vs non interactive videos,
  • suggestions on teaching in group settings,
  • and detailed information constituting lesson plans, quizzes, experiment guides and other key information.

 This introduction course will also give you a good feel for how EveryDay Earth's missions feel as you progress through them online, in very the same format.  Please Contact Us with any questions, concerns or corrections.

 A Note to Teachers from the Creators

As working scientists* creating a STEM program for teachers, with varying  teaching experience ourselves, our goal with EveryDay Earth was to make the content unique, fun and interesting, but modular enough that teachers can use it in any way they see fit in their classroom. 

Our observation has been that teachers seldom can easily operate under a strictly provisioned set of guidelines, how-to's and restrictions, given the number of variables experienced school by school, and class by class. 

For example, with class sizes ranging from 1 to 35 or more, teachers may have to vary how they have appropriate conversations, or facilitate the interactive choices of the program.  What if an instructors prescribed time allotted to a given educational topic is 5 minutes, or 5 weeks, and not 1- 45 minute period? These are all challenges teachers face in using and interpreting a new STEM product.

Out of respect for these real challenges, all supporting materials are provided here as suggested guidelines. Look through our Content index, and experiments, and rock kit tie-ins. Look at individual Lesson Parts, or Training Videos that are non-interactive. Some combination of those materials may work well for you.

We look forward to hearing more feedback on what works, and what doesn't. This is a product made for you - please let us know how to improve it. Our intent is that it will change over time, based on your suggestions.


- Dr. Devin P. Dennie - Geologist, Science Communicator and Author, and Executive Producer/Co-Creator of EveryDay Earth
- Todd Kent, Executive Producer/Director and Co-Creator of EveryDay Earth


(*All members of the "EveryDay Earth Corps" have jobs as professional geoscientists in academia, government, entertainment or industry. I encourage you to read more on these individuals at the bottom of the Courses page!! Through the humor, are real talented individuals. 

Also many thanks to the many other scientists helping make this product, from the members of our sponsoring organizations to supporting academic and governmental departments.)




How do I use EveryDay Earth with NGSS or Oklahoma Science Standards and Requirements?

EveryDay Earth was designed to cover content and material supported by the Earth and Space Sciences (ESS) standards provided in both pre-2020 Oklahoma Academic Standards for Science(OAS-S) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Future standards updates are expected soon, and content will realign as required.

This standards alignment page contains a mapping of ESS standards and how they appear in the program. Green Boxes indicate sections which cover primary learning goals for that grade and standard. Yellow are somewhat additive, and red are to be used supplemental only. Grey boxes may indicate material is not provided. 

Please visit our the course entitled "Introduction to EveryDay Earth!" for more information on lesson plans, standards and supporting documents.

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Video Examples - Teaching EveryDay Earth in your Classroom

Please watch the video provided in the course "Introduction to EveryDay Earth" to see an video example of how EveryDay Earth can be used in the classroom setting. As taught by Co-Creator, Dr. Devin Dennie.