Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Pilot Partner Requirements

Any approved homeschools, single classroom or single schools up to 500 users are eligible for "pilot partner" status, up to the first 500 users that apply.

Pilot Partner Benefits

Pilot Partners will receive full access to the EveryDay Earth program (beta) content for the 2021-2022 educational season.   

Pilot Partner Fees and Deliverables

In exchange for free access, we ask that "Pilot Partners" complete a user experience survey and provide usage and feedback data to us. We also ask each partner to provide a short video, audio or written testimonial of your student's experiences with the program.  This information is vital to help us improve upon and help build support for the work we are doing with EveryDay Earth!


Membership Requirements

Members are paid subscribed users, billed per the number of total students accessing the program content by either direct or indirect access. Billing is annual, and prorated based on the number of Missions completed and available for use.

Membership Benefits

Current members have full access to all available content in the EveryDay Earth program. Prrior to the completion of Mission 6, all costs will be assessed at a 50% discount.  After Mission 5 and 6 are deployed, costs will revert to full program costs.

Membership Fees and Deliverables

Members have no other deliverables or duties ot provide feedback or testimonials, and can enjoy the content as they see fit within the terms and conditions set forth for use of the program.



Thank you again for your interest in this program! We hope you start your EDE adventure today!